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Driver Certification Programme (DCP)

The Port of Felixstowe has introduced a mandatory Driver Certification Programme (DCP) which must be passed by all RHIDES card holders requiring access to the container terminals. This has been introduced to improve safety for all port users. Drivers need to answer questions based on the Haulier Information videos which along with the test itself can be accessed via the VBS website [].

Please ensure you have watched these videos and understood the safety requirements whilst operating on the Port.

Autonomous (Driverless) Trucks

The Port of Felixstowe will soon be introducing Autonomous (Driverless) Trucks onto the container terminals. In order to ensure the safety of all port users it is important that all drivers are aware of the safety requirements whilst interacting with these autonomous trucks. Further information can be accessed via the following link [].

Port of Felixstowe In Gates

The Vehicle Booking System - or VBS – is a real-time appointment system used by hauliers wishing to deliver or collect containers at The Port of Felixstowe. The simple-to-use web-based system allows hauliers to select a time for their visit, enabling the Port to proactively manage customer demand, providing a faster turnaround.

In addition, each time the haulier creates a new booking, VBS checks and confirms that the customer’s details are correct, thereby greatly reducing wasted journeys and expense caused by incorrect information.

Registering for VBS is a simple process. Once registered, a haulier will be given their own unique account, where they can create and manage their haulier arrivals at the Port of Felixstowe on-line.

Hauliers can register for VBS by completing and returning these forms or start the VBS Application by clicking here.

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Traffic Flow Diagram and Safety Rules for Berths 8 & 9.
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Traffic Flow Diagram and Safety Rules for Trinity Terminal.
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